Nancy's Kennel

1 Year Puppy Health Guarantee

Medical Conditions Covered by this Guarantee; Hereditary Life Threatening Health Diseases found with in one year of birth with a certified veterinary check. Health diseases covered would be: Hereditary Liver shunt, Hereditary Heart disease, Hereditary Crippling Malformation of the hip joint only. These medical conditions must be debilitating and life threatening in order for the guarantee to be valid.
Verification of said health disease must be presented with a certified veterinary report. Buyer agrees that if said puppy has been certified to have one of the above mention hereditary diseases breeder will be give the opportunity to have the puppy checked by her own vet. If both veterinarians agree that said puppy has one of the above mentioned diseases a replacement puppy will be given to the buyer once puppy is returned. If no puppies are available at this time, buyer understands he/she will have to wait until one becomes available. Buyer understands that under no circumstances will a cash refund be given for any reason at any time. If the puppy is returned, buyer understands that shots and veterinary medical records must be present for guarantee to be valid. Buyer understands that breeder will have no financial responsibility for any testing, medication, vet visits, Surgery or any other Medical costs involved with the treatment of this puppy.

Medical Conditions Not Covered by this Guarantee

As a responsible breeder I take pride in the health and condition of my puppies. I do everything in my power to ensure that the puppy you take home today is free of any sickness or disease. However, a breed cannot guarantee that any puppy you buy will be problem free. Because environmental factors can play a part in a dog's health, you as the buyer understand that the breeder will not be responsible for any other conditions that the puppy may have or develop during its life cycle. Examples of not guaranteed conditions are and not limited to: Internal or External parasites, ear mites, ear infections, all types of hernias, kennel cough, allergies, immune deficiencies, epilepsy or seizures, muscle conditions, stomach or bowl problems, reactions to vaccination, parvovirus, distemper, Guardia, Coccidiosis, etc.
Breeder does not guarantee breeding capability, hair coat, size, weight, behavoiur disorder, or dew claw removal.

Buyer agree to provide the following care of the puppy

Safe housing, Daily food and water, all vaccinations to include distemper-hepatitis, parainfluenza, parvovirus, coronavirus and rabies. Until all required vaccinations are complete, will not take puppy to public places such as pet stores, public parks, schools or any place where the puppy can become exposed to sickness or disease. Appropriate puppy/dog toys, exercise and loving home.
Buyer is responsible for taking a stool sample to vet to check for parasites.

Buyer understands and agrees that once puppy is taken from the breeder no cash refunds will be given for any reason at any time. Buyer also understands that there is no exchange policy, all sales are final. Please consider carefully before making this commitment.

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